About my journey becoming an entrepreneur and founder of social recruitment platform Sharecruit


Sharecruit is a social recruitment and employee referral platform based on social media innovation, that helps companies to present their culture, work environment and even team members.

I started this startup more than a year ago, after gaining an incredible experience in global corporative companies. During my work time in corporate environment, I found myself enjoying information processes. I was good at system mechanic and creating new things.

I knew what a challenge is to find a good job, which would fit you culturally and professionally. So I started to think of an innovative way to help job seekers easily find companies they would fit perfectly.

I was sure that it’s all about people and their connections. Healthy happy relationship at work is a result of productivity and success. That’s why employees have to choose their direct managers and unique leading style. People have to choose in what teams they want to work, what culture and work environment they want to be part of.

Ideas started to flow one after another into my mind. I even reached a point when I couldn’t think about anything else. I was waking up during the night having brilliant solutions, which I had to write down in my notebook. I knew how it should look like and how all the process should work.

I shared my vision with my dear friend and I told him about my obsession and all the ideas that I have. He encouraged me to believe in myself and contact people who might be interested in helping me to make this vision a reality. Having an idea is great, but execution is what can make it real, so I did.

And now, here I am, running a startup and aiming to be known globally, solving recruitment challenges to well-known brands and large corporations.

Don’t let your dreams die inside you. Go out and tell them to the world, because they could change not only your life, but other lives too.