Did you know, that outstanding resume can improve your chances to be noticed by employer 75%?

Sharecruit team did some researching and would like to give you simple, yet effective tools to create even better resume of yours and finally get that dream job!

  1. ResumUP 

By using this tool you can choose and create several different styles of resumes: fully infographic resume, direct resume, clean and resume and many others, including interactive ones. Choose and design it depending on the role and company you are applying for.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.36.23.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.38.21.png


A great website for totally visual resumes. Include such nice-to-have tools as language maps, tree maps and pictograms for statistical information, bubble chart skills, various themes and many other. Use for colourful and outstanding resumes!

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3. Kickresume

Offers beautiful resume, cover letter and personal website designs. Popular among both candidates and employers, possible to use limited designs for free or unlimited access for 15$ per month. Personal website designs are really worth reviewing!

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4. Wozber

Created by Lithuanian guy, Wozber offers convenient navigation, advises on how to create a perfect resume and friendly payment plans. Use Wozber to create personalized resumes and apply for many different companies. It is always easy to edit and change the information.

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Hoping this will help you achieve even better results in your career planning!


Best of luck

Sharecruit team